Heravi Saffron

Heravi Saffron has over the last decade been producing the highest quality of Saffron and its products. This aim has been achieved utilizing new knowledge, having experienced employees in all levels and applying the most updated production technologies and facilities to eventually construct a great confidence and satisfaction for our customers at all levels. Our main goals are: delivering high quality products at reasonable price, entering new international markets, customer satisfaction and etc. Considering the current conditions of the international Saffron market and in order to develop our goals, our company has commenced to export our highest quality products with the most luxurious packing to other countries. We are currently working with Middle East countries and China and plan expand our business to other parts of the world in the near future.We do believe and are committed to try utmost to achieve the predetermined goals and present the products that meet the world standards. Furthermore, we are willing to make ourselves as center of training and learning for other producers involved in this industry.

Main goals
  • Identifying “SAFFRON” and its features
  • Launch new products and services
  • Target new customers
  • Enter new markets internationally
  • Improve stakeholder relations
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Improve internal communications
  • Grow market share

Our products

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